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Weekend in Iceland – Part 2

Here’s the second part of our blog on Iceland.  See here for Part 1. In addition to spending time in Reykjavik, we also rented a car and checked out the areas surrounding Reykjavik.  Driving there was manageable other than their fondness for traffic circles, even on highways. Right outside of Reykjavik Our first stop was […]


Weekend in Iceland – Part 1

When people first heard that I planned a trip to Iceland, responses fell into two categories.  There was a lot of “Iceland?  Why?”  (Answer: they just started doing direct flights out of Dulles, are having a great sale, and why wouldn’t we want to check out an isolated, island country in the middle of the […]

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Weekend in San Francisco – Guest Blog

First of all, we’d like to thank our friend Melinda for having us as visitors in her new home in San Francisco!  Secondly, we’d like to thank her for writing the guest blog below and also invite you to check our her blog, Palindrome at Home. I warned them not to call it Frisco Bay.  […]

Links of the Week

Sorry for the light posting lately!  More coming soon, but for the meantime, check out these links: 1.  Make the most of Google Maps for travel (hotel finder features and sightseeing features!) 2.  Sure, seat recliners can be annoying, but would you do this?

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Eating in London

  Here at Magical Mystery Tours we’re very excited to be helping Nikki, Bobbin, and Jennine plan their first trip abroad!  They’re going to London!  They mentioned that they were eager to try some good food in London. While the MMT team has spent some time in London, we thought that this was a question […]

Best Stops on a Cross-Country Road Trip?

I just got an email from my friend Sandy asking for suggestions on where to stop on a summer road trip from California to Pennsylvania.  I’ve never driven across the country, but I’ve spent a lot of time in fly-over country (only have 5 states left to hit!), so this was a fun question to […]

On the merits of trains…

I showed up at Penn Station in NYC at about 5:15, saw there was a 5:17 train to Philly.  Bought the ticket, ran through the station, and am going to be in Philly in an hour!  No taking my shoes off, no taking my computer out, no questioning of whether I had over 3 oz […]


A weekend in Austin

This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive Austin guide, but just a list of some of the fun things I saw and did there this past weekend. 1.  SXSW – I was already in Fort Worth last week, so why not go visit Austin during South by SouthWest?  As a gal who’s mostly just been to […]

Hello! Welcome to Magical Mystery Tours and our new blog!

We’re still getting things up and running around here, but hope to use this blog to update you on all things travel related: stories about great trips, travel advice, product reviews, and links to various other travel articles and sites (umm…yeah, expect a lot of links while we get things going, but eventually we should […]