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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost?

The cost of your adventure is entirely up to you! We will customize your trip to your specifications so that you remain within your travel budget. We’re confident that we can find you a great deal for a quality trip whether you’re looking for a budget savvy weekend or a luxurious getaway. When determining your budget, remember to factor in the cost of flight and the cost of hotel rooms for however long you’d like to be away.

Of course, the length of your trip, your desire for international or domestic travel, and your accommodation preferences will all affect the price of your trip. Mystery trip pricing starts at $1,500 for a 2 person weekend trip or $1,100 for a one person weekend trip. Plan to add an additional $150 for additional nights, and at least an additional $300 for extra passengers.

If you want something more along the lines of a one-week trip and want to keep the options open so that you’ll be checking out somewhere on the other side of the world, then you’ll probably want to plan on spending $5,000 or so.

What costs will my budget cover?

Our services will include:

  • Transportation to and from your destination city
  • Lodging
  • Taxes on your transportation and lodging
  • Our research fee of $300 per mystery trip

It does not include food, luggage fees, souvenirs, events, tickets, other transportation, etc. Please try to keep these costs in mind as you create your budget. If you want us to make extra arrangements (restaurant reservations, excursions, etc.) for you, we will be happy to do so for an additional fee.

How will you determine my destination?

Once you contact us, we will send you a comprehensive questionnaire. We will ask about your budget, desired dates of travel, prior travel experiences, and various preferences you have. Using that information, we’ll comb through the latest travel deals and destinations to find you a fabulous trip. Plus, since we don’t accept any payments or incentives from travel companies, you know we’ll truly be doing our best to find the ideal travel experience for you. Additional surveys or follow-up questions may be necessary to further narrow down the many available options.

Why would I want to go to an unknown destination?

Good question. Maybe you have a great sense of adventure. Maybe you hate travel planning or don’t have time for it. Perhaps you want an unforgettable journey. Or, you could find the plethora of travel deals and websites out there to be overwhelming. Whatever the reason, we will provide you with a memorable and unique experience.

How much time do you need to plan my trip?

Travel deals are fickle things. They come and go with very little rhyme or reason. It’s in your best interest to give us 6-8 weeks of notice to plan your trip. However, we are willing to work outside of those parameters and design trips on a shorter notice.

How will I find out where I’m going?

A few days before the start of your trip, you will receive a packet containing your itinerary and other pertinent information for your trip. When you open the folder will be entirely up to you and your ability to delay gratification! We recommend waiting until you get to your travel hub, in order to get the maximum surprise and impact. Inside the sealed folder will be a brief destination guide, transportation times and numbers, lodging information, confirmation numbers, and other information necessary for any extras you may have requested.

What do I pack?

A week before the start of your trip we’ll email you a weather report for your destination. We’ll be sure to mention if there’s any specific items you’ll want to bring (swimsuits, hiking shoes, etc.) Also, if you have indicated that you are interested in international travel, you must have your passport.

Can I use my frequent flyer miles or other travel rewards?

Absolutely, though keep in mind that the availability of award travel options may limit the dates and destination for your trip. We do charge an additional fee to book using miles.

What happens if I need to cancel?

We know that life can sometimes throw some unexpected things your way. We will do our best to accommodate you should life events cause you to cancel. However, we are unable to refund the fees for our services nor the cancellation fees from transportation or hospitality services, such as hotels or airlines.

This mystery tour thing is interesting, but I don’t think it’s for me. Will you work with me to set-up a trip where I’ll know where I’m going?

Of course! While we love the suspense and mystery of showing up at a travel hub, unaware of your final destination, we will be happy to work with you to find the best deals on a more traditional trip.

How do you handle payments? How do I know it’s secure?

We used to secure systems called Stripe and Plaid to accept both credit cards and ACH payments. Magical Mystery Tours never sees your login information or passwords. These sites will not work if there’s something about your connection that is not secure.  You can also double check the links to read more about their privacy policies and understand how they work.

Do you work with Canadians?


Can you tell my boss/babysitters/dog/etc where I’ll be going ahead of time?

Sure!  It’s your trip so you decide what works best for you.  If you need someone at home to know where you’ll be, we’re happy to tell them.  Though be sure they’ll keep the secret!

Why would I pay someone to plan my travel? Haven’t you people heard of the internet?

We’re travel experts. We know what’s good and how much things should cost.  If you love researching and planning your own travel, that’s great!  Go for it!  Though we know we plan great trips and would love to put our expertise to work on your vacation.

How do I know you’re not just buying discount travel and upcharging me?

Magical Mystery Tours charges research fees.  You pay our transparent fees and the charges of what we book for you (the exact price of flights, hotels, etc).  That’s it.

Do you plan honeymoons? Do you do honeymoon registries?

We love honeymoons! Our founder Denise even did a mystery honeymoon of her own and guarantees that your guests will love being in on the mystery of guessing your destination.  If you’d like your guests to be able to have the option to your trip, mention this in your questionnaire and we’ll be in touch to determine the best way to make this happen.

Wait, Magical Mystery Tours - isn’t that a Beatles song? Are you connected to the Beatles tour in Liverpool?

When we planned our first mystery vacation, we had no idea it would turn into a successful business. While not connected to the Beatles, from the start we thought “Magical Mystery Tour” was the perfect name for the trips we were planning, so it’s what we coined our new idea. Fast forward a few years and we’re the proud owners of the trademark “Magical Mystery Tours!” (And though we’re not associated with any prepackaged Beatles tours, we’re happy to book one for you on any mystery trip or traditional trip to England!)


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