Updated August 2023

We are open and planning mystery trips, both domestic and international!

Please note a few updates to current operations and things to be aware of:

  • Due to demand for mystery trips, most traditional (non-mystery) trip planning has been suspended. (Exceptions: “controlled” mystery trips and Disney vacations. Otherwise, feel free to email if you have questions about this or want to see if your trip can be accommodated.)
  • We are only able to take on trips for U.S. and Canadian citizens at this time.
  • Please be aware that travel costs are significantly higher than they were pre-pandemic. If you’re not sure what to expect or budget, we can help provide guidance.
  • In terms of international travel entry requirements, things are largely back to the way they were pre-pandemic. Most countries have loosened/dropped their COVID travel restrictions, but some places may still require things like pre-travel paperwork, passenger locator forms, health declaration forms, a negative COVID test, and/or proof of vaccination and booster shot(s). Depending on what’s required, you may need to open your travel reveal packet early to comply.

We look forward to planning a customized surprise vacation for you!