Customer Testimonials

“This was just an amazing experience. I’ve always been such a planner when I travel, but now that I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone and know that I cannot only succeed but really flourish, I feel like I can take on anything life throws my way. I can’t wait for my next Magical Mystery Tour!”


“We were impressed with the professionalism at the attention to detail by everyone at MMT, and most especially our travel planner, Katie. The travel document was well organized, had all the travel information we needed, and was personalized for our travel preferences. We happily recommend MMT to anyone and everyone—it’s nice to do business with a company like Magical Mystery Tours that delivers on all their promises, provides personal service, and goes above and beyond to satisfy their clients!”

Susie and Kelly

“Our trip was obviously booked with care. New Orleans was a wonderful choice, flights were timed to make the most of the partial days, and the hotel location was perfect. Would definitely do again!”

Lee and Cheryl

“It is our second time using Magical Mystery Tours, and it is without hesitation that we would use it again. The first time was as a couple and the most recent trip was as a family. Six of us as a matter of fact. It’s one thing to manage and plan for two, but to plan for six people who are coming in from all parts of the country, now that is a challenge. Katie managed that challenge seamlessly. She is so professional, she is prompt in keeping you updated, and her assessment of our families’ anticipated trip was exceptional. She provides a platinum service and I recommend her anytime.”

Patrick and Catherine

“We had a FANTASTIC time in Santa Barbara. Can’t think of a better way to have spent my 40th. Well done! I’m your newest, biggest fan!”

Susan and Don

“Katie was so patient with my questions and made me feel very comfortable and assured that logistical details of our trip will be taken care of. She went above and beyond our expectations. I can’t wait to do it again. I have been on many vacations, both planned for me (by my parents when I was younger) and those planned by me. By far, this is the first time I felt I truly lived in the moment on vacation. You guys are awesome.”

Jay and Bhavna

“Banff was already on our bucket list, but we realized as soon as we arrived that it should have been higher. We loved it! The restaurant guide in the travel document was the best part, especially the first night when we were tired, hungry, and without much inclination to research. It was great to have a perfect-for-us spot at our fingertips, and the meal really set the tone for the trip. We wholeheartedly recommend Magical Mystery Tours!”

Lauren and Steven

“Katie provided impeccable customer service from beginning to end! Toronto would have never even entered my mind but was a perfect choice, and the hotel was IMPECCABLE. It was a super fun adventure, and Katie did a magnificent job planning my long weekend getaway!”


“The element of surprise was awesome, and not having to plan anything was icing on the cake! The purpose of our trip was to celebrate my birthday and to PARTY, PARTY, PARTY! Mission accomplished! We had such a good time and were able to pack lots of fun into a short period of time (3 nights). Our flight times/connections, transportation, and hotel accommodations were awesome. The overall experience is one that I’ll never forget. It’s a definite must-do and must do again! Thanks MMT!”


“Katie took such good care of me! I really appreciate the thoughtfulness that was so obvious in the planning of my trip. The experience was just amazing! Katie crossed every T and dotted every I so there was no stress or planning on my part other than deciding what I wanted to see first when I got to Taiwan. Thank you for planning such an amazing trip for me!”


“We will be working with you again, hopefully soon! The travel document truly made going to a mystery destination very easy. Lots of information about what there was to do. Many members of our family are interested to try this after seeing how great of a time we had.”

Ashley and Brett

“Katie did a great job explaining the process and answering our questions. The travel document provided was extremely helpful and comprehensive; it was really handy having hotel info, hotel directions, dining and activities options in one place. We loved the location—it was exactly where we wanted to go, we just didn’t know it!”

Annette and Casey

“The trip was fantastic, the booklet provided was extremely helpful, and our overall trip was one-of-a-kind. Thank you!”

Matthew and Danielle

“We loved our vacation. We wouldn’t have chosen our destination, but it ended up being perfect. We gave Katie quite a challenge to meet our varying demands and she surpassed our expectations. We will definitely use your services in the future.”


“This was easily the best vacation we both have had. Katie was amazing—always helpful and asked great questions. The travel document was extremely easy to read and very helpful, especially when in another country with a different language. Loved the resort and everything about it. We will be calling again!”

Matt and Courtney

“This vacation was a great experience and everyone I told about it wanted to try it as well!”


“We loved the whole experience. The suggestions in the packet were great, and the day tour booked for us was perfect for the type of activities we like. It was great that Katie was still in contact with us even when our return flight got canceled. We had a great time and would do it again!”

Lauren and Jenni

“We’ve been wanting to go to San Antonio for over 10 years. The experience was fun, fun, and more fun. We’ll be talking about this vacation for years to come!”


“Katie is a great travel consultant, very prompt in responding to questions. I loved the travel document, which offered a wide variety of suggested things to do. I’m always satisfied when I book with MMT!”


“The location was excellent! Katie, my travel consultant, was AWESOME and exceeded my expectations. I’m already thinking about my next solo adventure with Magical Mystery Tours!”


“We had an AMAZING time!! Everything was so well planned out for us! The hotel was extraordinary, and the suggestions for all the tours were so helpful for us when deciding where to go! We will definitely be booking another trip in the near future!”

Jaymi and Sabrina

“Thank you so much for helping us organize this trip. We had such a great time, and Lisbon really blew us away. The information packet that you sent through was invaluable, and we really felt like you took on board everything we answered in our survey. We will be sure to recommend your service to others!”

Casey and Stephanie

“Where to begin…while I know it’s your job, we really must thank and commend you for creating such a memorable, MAGICAL experience for us to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We could not have planned it better ourselves!! All of the meals and activities you planned for us were perfect. The Grand Hotel Central was in an ideal location for us to explore the area on foot; the room was contemporary, the rooftop views were amazing, the staff was lovely and kind, and the breakfast which was included was absolutely spectacular. The addition of Penedés to our itinerary was brilliant. As for the Mastinell, OMG!!!! The property itself is breathtaking and our suite blew our minds. It was absolutely stunning. I feel I may be being a bit effusive in this message, but seriously this trip exceeded our every expectation. We can’t thank you enough for the time and care you took to organize this extraordinary vacation. What a wonderful way to kick off 2020 and our next decade of marriage!!”

Anita and Sergio

“You have no idea how excited we were to see Singapore this morning! It wasn’t on any of our radar, but it was amazing. We all had a fabulous time. Singapore was safe, clean, and friendly – a perfect location for our girls trip! Great job and thank you for an amazing 50th birthday!”

Tonya, Holly, Karen, and Renee

“The trip was more than we could have hoped for! It had EVERYTHING we wanted—a local flavor, easy travel around the island, and a perfect balance between adventure and relaxation. It was a little hard to come home! We would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Rachel and Nate

“We had an absolutely wonderful trip! You read our survey and planned the trip absolutely perfect for the two of us. Everything went flawlessly, from the plane to the rental car to all the prebooked activities. It was fun trying new places to eat and seeing the different atmospheres of each place. We also took many short road trips to see the surrounding areas. The book you put together was awesome and so helpful. Everything we needed was right there. We would recommend Magical Mystery Tours to anyone wanting to try something new and possibly out of their normal go-to places to travel.”

Ashley and Jason

“You did such an awesome job with our vacation – it was, yet again, exactly what we needed to rest and recharge. Even the smallest details, like shops we might want to visit or recommending that reservations be made for certain restaurants, were spot-on. The accommodations were beautiful and absolutely perfect – totally luxury, and complete social distancing. I just can’t say enough good things about the vacation – it was so needed, and so perfect!”

Christy and Danny

“We had so much fun! It was literally the trip of a lifetime and our only complaint was that we couldn’t stay another five days. The three things that you planned for us were all perfect as well. We told everybody that we had a chance to about our mystery honeymoon, the process, and the unbelievably amazing result! Before we left, we had already started trying to plan our next trip out there! Thank you so much for taking all of our likes and dislikes into account and coming up with the most perfect honeymoon we could’ve possibly asked for or imagined.”

Michelle and Drew

“What a fantastic vacation! We loved Seattle! It was the perfect spot for us to experience new things, have fun adventures, eat amazing food, and just simply spend much-needed time as a family! Thanks for all you did to make this trip a memorable one that we will cherish for a lifetime!”

Lacey, Jason, Emercyn, and Harper

“Copenhagen was amazing. You truly hit the nail on the head, this trip had all the things we wanted! Walkable, history, and great food! We LOVED the hotel you picked. We felt like we were walking into a postcard every time we returned for the evening. The personal touches in the travel packet made us feel so special, and the restaurants and activities you suggested all exceeded our expectations. We absolutely cannot thank you enough.”

Erin and Haley