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Magical Mystery Tours in Atlas Obscura

We thought we were the founders of mystery trips, but thanks to a fun article in Atlas Obscura, we now know that it was a trend long before we were around! Check out the whole article, but multiple countries from England to the US to New Zealand all had mystery day trips that were quite […]

iExplore Travel Compares Magical Mystery Tours to the Amazing Race

  The vast majority of Magical Mystery Tours’ vacation requests are for standard, lovely vacations.  Our travelers want to relax, to check out local cuisine, do some touring.  The adventure lies in not knowing your destination until the last minute.  Occasionally we do get the odd request for swimming with sharks, eating bugs, and other extreme adventure…though […]

MMT Featured in Canada’s MoneySense Magazine

Magical Mystery Tours has has the pleasure of working with some fantastic Canadian travelers ever since we were featured on Canadian radio shortly after our founding.  Though this month we’re thrilled to find ourselves in MoneySense magazine! Unfortunately, the content is only available through MoneySense’s app, though MoneySense interviewed Stephen and Alicia Ellington from Quebec, who had MMT plan their […]

MMT’s Holiday Gift Guide

The ladies of Magical Mystery Tours put our minds together and came up with some gifts that we love to give (and that we’d love to receive!)  Without further adieu, here they are! Stocking Stuffers Nail Polish Remover Pads               Does anyone else go into a trip thinking about how […]

Do you do honeymoons?

Absolutely!  We love honeymoons.  We realize that you probably have your hands full planning a wedding and would be more than happy to make sure you have a fun surprise waiting for you once you make it through the wedding.

MMT in Men’s Journal!

Make sure you check out the September issue of Men’s Journal to see a fun blurb on MMT! We love their take on mystery vacations and couldn’t have said it better ourselves! “If you’re tired of spending more time planning a trip than relaxing on it, Magical Mystery Tours may have the answer.”

“Myth Busting Millennials” – MMT in Travel Weekly!

“You’re a travel agent…?  That’s still a thing?”  We get that question all the time!  And after briefly chatting, most people agree that booking travel can be time consuming and downright overwhelming.  (Not to mention that you can’t exactly surprise yourself with a mystery trip…) Well, Travel Weekly, seems to have noticed this trend, too, and […]

MMT on the Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast!

Last week we had a chance to catch up with Travis Sherry of Extra Pack of Peanuts and record a podcast. It’s always fun to talk travel with other travel lovers, and we love any opportunity to talk about our fantastic mystery travelers! Head over to Extra Pack of Peanuts to listen.  Let us know […]

Magical Mystery Tours in Northern Virginia Magazine

In their article, “Have Retirement, Will Travel,” Northern Virginia Magazine says that seniors who’ve “been there and done that” should try Magical Mystery Tours.  We couldn’t agree more! Read the whole article here, but here’s some highlights: Adventurous? Seen it all? Hate to plan? Want a Cinderella experience? Imagine, showing up at the airport and waking […]

Magical Mystery Tours makes List of Unique Ways to Travel

Thanks to Clapway.tv for including us on their list of unique ways to travel! Such a fun list, and I’d say that Magical Mystery Tours is solidly in the middle of their “uniqueness” spectrum.  Certainly crazier than a staycation or checking out your hometown, but a less crazy (and more affordable!) than space travel!