I showed up at Penn Station in NYC at about 5:15, saw there was a 5:17 train to Philly.  Bought the ticket, ran through the station, and am going to be in Philly in an hour!  No taking my shoes off, no taking my computer out, no questioning of whether I had over 3 oz of toothpaste…  If only TSA could work on making airports half this easy.

(A combination of lots of work and a trip to Oklahoma left me with a cold, causing the impulse decision to cut my weekend in NYC a little short in favor of hanging out on my parents’ couch with some cold meds and soup in Philly before heading back to DC and work.  Hopefully you’ll see a blog post on my fun NYC weekend which included some great food, a great show, and the zoo!)

A picture of the Wilmington Train station that’s been in my phone for a while

Anyone else have comments on why it’s nice to take a train instead of a plane every once in a while?