About Us

As the original mystery travel provider, we’ve been planning mystery vacations since 2009 and have been featured in O, the Oprah Magazine; The Wall Street Journal; The Washington Post; Vogue; The New York Times; Good Housekeeping; Travel + Leisure; and AFAR.

Our goal at Magical Mystery Tours is to make vacations as enjoyable and care-free as possible. With our unique combination of mystery tours and traditional travel services, we take away the stress that many clients experience when dealing with vacation details. By letting us handle the arrangements, clients can be confident that consumer reviews are checked, options are carefully researched, and they are provided with all the information needed to select options for their ideal getaway.

Magical Mystery Tours began when Denise convinced a busy friend to let her book a trip for him on the condition that the destination would be a secret until he arrived at the airport.

He gave her travel dates, a budget, his credit card info, and after a few months of delightful anticipation (and consulting with Stephanie to get the best travel deals), the first Magical Mystery Tour was born!

The trip was fun to plan and those who heard about it showed a healthy combination of curiosity and interest in getting set up to go on their own trips.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to provide others with similarly surprising and exciting adventures.

Meet the Team


Denise lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, son, and two border collies. Prior to that, she traveled full-time, living in Airbnb’s for two years.  One of her all-time favorite travel experiences was trusting Magical Mystery Tours with her honeymoon and ending up on the French Riviera for a week.  Her dream destinations are just about everywhere she hasn’t been yet, though she ranks Switzerland and Japan among the favorite places she’s been.  And yes, she also likes the Beatles and fun surprises.


Executive Director & Travel Consultant
Stephanie got bit by the travel bug after her semester abroad during college. As a result, her journeys have brought her to five continents and every time zone in the world. Preoccupied with saving money on her travels, her e-mail got clogged with discount travel alerts and she joined Twitter for its exclusive travel deals. Stephanie grew up in Massachusetts, yet has no trace of a Boston accent. She has degrees in Psychology and Child Development from Bucknell and Tufts. Her other interests include cheering on the Red Sox, cooking, encouraging her husband to consider vacations other than Disneyworld, and mentoring teenagers. Currently, her dream trips include Australia, the Azores, and a Mediterranean cruise.


Travel Consultant
Alicia is passionate about wine, food and travel. Travel became a major priority after studying in London for six months during college, as she obtained a degree in government & politics. She has been to dozens of countries on six continents and has even done Moscow in 48-hours and Cairo in a long weekend — from DC! In 2014, she and her husband moved from Washington, DC to London and she now serves as our European-based Travel Consultant. Alicia says Burgundy, France is her “heaven on earth” and looks forward to exploring many of the other main wine regions in Europe.

Katie Truesdell

Travel Consultant
Katie’s first mystery trip was in 1997, when her dad planned a Christmas getaway and kept the destination and all activities a surprise. It was such a hit that it became an annual tradition, leading to many of Katie’s favorite family memories. These mystery trips were road trips from Michigan (favorites included Nashville, Louisville, and Charleston) rather than far-flung locales, but the excitement about hitting the road toward an unknown destination was all the same. Now, in addition to traveling as much as possible with her husband—dream destinations include the Maldives, New Zealand, and Singapore—Katie loves reading, foodie pursuits, and her home city of Chicago.

Molly Thrasher

Travel Consultant
Molly is an off-the-beaten path kind of girl, who has been known to drag friends into late night dives in Honolulu, to a Hong Kong shopping center for the best milk tea, or secret beaches around Australia. Her favorite trip, though, was solo backpacking the Grand Canyon. An Ohioan by birth, Molly has lived on three continents, but still holds a soft spot for the Buckeye state… O.H. Molly recently moved to Orange County, California with her Philosopher husband and whirlwind of a toddler, Jack. Her dream destinations are Alaska, Vietnam, and the Canary Islands.

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