Sam is an easy going guy who wanted to take a spontaneous trip to… somewhere. He didn’t have anyone to go with on this particular adventure, so he wanted to go somewhere he could easily meet other travelers. So, we chose to send him on an adventure to Munich and Berlin in Germany. Sam didn’t ask for us to schedule any activities for him; however, he took us up on our suggestions to visit some of the historic sites, such as the Residenz (a castle that served as the official residence of the rulers of Bavaria from 1385-1918), Neuschwanstein (the castle originally built by Ludwig II when he wanted to retire from public life), and Dachau (the concentration camp memorial site). After his trip ended, he took the time to write us, saying, “I had an absolute blast, made a few friends, had some great food, had some even better beer, saw a few sights, and learned a little too.”