We at Magical Mystery Tours believe a long weekend should never be wasted. With just three months to go, have you considered where you will spend your Labor Day weekend?

We know summer can get crazy and your travel options can be a bit overwhelming. Whether it’s a weekend at The Cape, an outdoor adventure out west, or a quick flight across the pond to Europe, let us take the planning off your plate!

Cinque Terre, Italy

Yosemite National Park

Cape Cod

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  1. Hannah Corona
    Hannah Corona says:

    I am interested in this vacation, however, it would be even more perfect if they could make my entire itinerary a mystery. I want separate envelopes in my package. I want to be surprised where I am going, then open another envelope when I get there telling me where to go for my lodging, then more envelopes surprising me with additions such as reservations at restaurants or tickets to events, etc. I don’t want to know anything until it is time to go and do it. That would be the perfect adventure when I don’t know what I will be doing from one moment to the next. That would be an adventure worth paying extra for…


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