***Update: Magical Mystery Tours has filled this position and is not currently hiring.  Thanks to everyone who was interested in the position!***

Is planning the trip one of your favorite parts of a vacation?  Do you love sharing travel tips and knowing that you made someone’s vacation better?  If so, you should consider working with Magical Mystery Tours as a part-time consultant.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Ability to plan amazing vacations
  • Be a pleasure for Magical Mystery Tours clients to work with
  • Willingness to be part of the Magical Mystery Tours team and help with marketing
  • Self-starter attitude, attention to detail, travel experience both domestic and international, excellent online research skills, and problem solving skills
  • Work with aspiring travelers to plan amazing vacations.  Help clients determine the best options for their vacation and work with them to narrow down options.  This person will plan both mystery trips and regular vacations.
  • Help market Magical Mystery Tours.  The specific duties will depend on the consultant, though we want someone willing to help get the word out about what we’re doing.  A willingness to blog, assist with social media, or other market tasks is preferred.
  • Time commitment: Naturally, the commitment will depend on the amount of trips we’re planning at a given time.  Our estimate that is that it would usually be a few hours a week with potential to increase as business grows.
  • Most business is done via email and most trip planning can be done anytime of day, though you will need to be available by email to respond to customers quickly.

To be considered, please email denise@magical-mystery-tours.com with your resume and an email explaining why you’re interested and why you think you’d be great.  Also please tell us a little bit about your own personal travel experiences (where you’ve been, what you loved and didn’t love, etc).