Donna, a previous Magical Mystery Tours customer, was in search of a perfect graduation gift for her nephew Ryan, and he knew just what he wanted: a mystery trip! The family headed to the airport, opened their envelope, and found out they were flying off to…Turks & Caicos!

When we heard from them upon their return, she said the trip would go down in the record books for the most fun ever had in five days. In fact, they had so much fun that they lost their camera along the way, so there aren’t any photos to share, but the memories won’t be forgotten!

MMT: Why was mystery travel attractive to you?
Debbie: My sister [Donna] had experienced a mystery trip with Magical Mystery Tours. She had an amazing experience and loved the idea of the mystery. When she asked my son what he wanted for his graduation gift, he replied “a mystery trip.” He was so excited and couldn’t wait to open his envelope at the airport. He was thoroughly surprised and frankly, I couldn’t believe he was so lucky to experience such an eventful trip—very economical and well-planned!

What were you looking for out of this trip?
A heck of a good time! As a mom, I loved watching my son with the element of the surprise and experiencing a wonderful dream beach vacation in Turks and Caicos. My son was so excited and anxious to open the envelope. The questionnaire nailed his dream surprise vacation perfectly. It was so beautiful and memorable, and my sister’s graduation gift will never be forgotten.

Any guesses about where you were headed? Were you surprised when you opened your reveal packet?
Yes, we all picked five destinations and had a bet about which one it would be. As a seasoned mystery traveler, my sister selected Turks and Caicos as one of the options. We were surprised and elated—never thought our budget would include such a beautiful island! The white beaches were stupendous and the food outstanding.

What was the highlight of your trip?
Alicia made our trip very special and handled our anxiety with great care, skill, and patience. Her choice of destinations couldn’t be more perfect—thanks, Alicia, you are the best! It’s hard to pick what was the main highlight, as the mystery of the destination was so much fun—and then to arrive at such a gorgeous beach was just perfect. The booze cruise didn’t hurt, either!

What are your top tips for new mystery travelers?
Answer the questionnaire honestly, and the agents will take it from there. My sister hasn’t been disappointed yet! Make sure your passport is up-to-date within six months of travel. Don’t worry about packing; the agents are great at giving you clues. DON’T cave to the pressure of wanting to know where you are going; open the envelope at the airport—it makes the experience that much more incredible! If you find you are traveling internationally, call your credit card companies at the airport to let them know you are traveling out of the country because it makes it easier to charge!

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