I’m about to have a new travel experience this week.  I’m sure this is old hat for many of you, but I’m about to go on my first cruise–the Weezer Cruise, to be exact!

I’ve always been skeptical about cruises.  Sure, they’re fine for some people, but I want to see a place on a vacation!  I want to check out somewhere new–go explore!   The idea of being on a boat for days on end makes me feel a little claustrophobic and seasick all at once…

But there’s a first time for everything, right?  You put some of my favorite bands on a boat (not to mention being in a tropical place in the middle of the winter), and I’m rethinking all those cruise issues I previously had.

My friend Allison and I agonized over whether we should go for months…  First thoughts were along the lines of “A Weezer cruise?  How weird and cheesy!”  Then it moved into “Hmm…well, I guess it would be fun, but it’s really impractical/inconvenient/*insert other excuses*”  Finally it turned into “Well, what other chance will we have to see Weezer and Ozma?  We have loved them since the mid-90’s, and it might even be fun to go on a cruise, too!”

So here’s where you come in.  Stephanie already blogged some great advice on choosing a cruise, but does anyone have good cruising advice?  Allison and I got lunch today to strategize a bit and she had mapped out a potential itinerary for us, but aside from seeing some great bands, what should we pack/do/eat/see/expect?

I’d love to hear some tips from the expert cruisers out there!  I’ll also be sure to let you know how it turns out when I’m back!

Allison checking out the set lists and game planning schedule options.