Magical Mystery Tours has has the pleasure of working with some fantastic Canadian travelers ever since we were featured on Canadian radio shortly after our founding.  Though this month we’re thrilled to find ourselves in MoneySense magazine!

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Unfortunately, the content is only available through MoneySense’s app, though MoneySense interviewed Stephen and Alicia Ellington from Quebec, who had MMT plan their honeymoon last year.

Like many couples in the midst of wedding planning, Stephen and Alicia, were bogged down with other details, but still knew that they wanted a special honeymoon.  After months of anticipation, they found themselves on the way to in Italy and visited Naples, Capri, and Rome.

As MoneySense put it, “The honeymoon, recalls Ellington, was breathtaking. ‘Our itinerary was full of surprises: We dined with locals, swam at beaches that weren’t full of tourists and even had shoes made by a local shoemaker.”


MMT loves working with honeymooners and taking some of the wedding planning stress off of their shoulders.  We also absolutely love hearing reviews like this one from Alicia:

“We’ll never forget our honeymoon.  Opening the package just before boarding and discovering we were going to Italy was one of the highlights of my life…A mystery trip was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made and we’ll definitely be doing it again.”

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