In their article, “Have Retirement, Will Travel,” Northern Virginia Magazine says that seniors who’ve “been there and done that” should try Magical Mystery Tours.  We couldn’t agree more!

Read the whole article here, but here’s some highlights:

Adventurous? Seen it all? Hate to plan? Want a Cinderella experience? Imagine, showing up at the airport and waking up in Morocco, or maybe Montana.

Impossible? Not a bit. Enter Denise Chaykun, president, and Stephanie Whitesel, executive director, of Magical Mystery Tours based in Washington, D.C. Travelers decide on a budget; how long they want to be away; fill out a detailed questionnaire about what they love, hate, don’t want, must have; and arrive at the airport with a secret-assignment package bound for who knows where. In advance, travelers are told what to pack and how they’ll get there. But if they can avoid peeking, the destination remains a surprise. Senior Secret Agent stuff.

Senior secret agent??  We’ll take it!

We really had fun doing this interview with Northern Virginia Magazine.  We think that seniors (as well as most travelers!) have specific travel preferences and expectations, and shouldn’t hesitate to let their travel planners know about those desires.  We’re more than happy to work with people who might have limitations in their diets, concerns about walking long distances, or other needs that can really make or break a trip.

Anyone else have good tips for traveling seniors?