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  1. Carla DeForest
    Carla DeForest says:

    Hello, I am a retired flight attendant as well as a lifetime Elite traveler with American Airlines and Marriott and recently Gold with Hilton. Since my love of traveling started in my teens, I have become over time the go to person for my friends and family when it comes to travel destinations. Whether its a family trip to Hawaii, the Caribbean, Europe or simply staying right here on the mainland, I have helped many people with traveling over the past 25 year. It would be an exciting twist to assist in the Mystery of the adventure as well. Looking forward to hearing back from you..Carla

  2. katherine brennan
    katherine brennan says:

    I would love to do this. I have traveled to so many places and countries through the years and loved every minute. Now that I’m a widow and a senior I would love to more. So many of us would like a little adventure and would love to help others find the fun. Sounds like so much the job of a lifetime .
    Katherine Brennan

  3. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    Recently retired from Military which gave me a unique opportunity to travel and live stateside as well as other countries. Some of my duties during Active Duty were a Saleswoman, Recruiter, Mass Transportation, Accountability, Working with the Community as a Liaison, Maintaining and a Morale Budget.
    I enjoy meeting people, exploring and emerging myself in the culture.
    My favorite trip that is hard because I paid for it so I am going to find something about it to like. However I am especially fond of my trip to Poland. I am a big fan of History and there is so much history in Europe. So I went to the Salt Mines, Auschwitz, The Pope’s House, the local market, I found a Cup Cake factory delicious and then while out walking I found a mall. Yippee!!!!


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