Traditional Travel

Magical Mystery Tours also offers traditional travel planning services, in which travelers do know their destination and are involved in the planning and decision-making for their trip arrangements.

We understand that not everyone may be up for a mystery trip. We’re also happy to serve as traditional travel consultants and work with you to book any vacation or business travel needs.

What we offer:

  • Hotel bookings
  • Flight and other transportation bookings
  • Cruise bookings
  • Activity bookings (such as tours, spa services, meal reservations, and other vacation activities)
  • Research to help you determine the best destination for your trip

How it works:

To have Magical Mystery Tours assist with your non-mystery travel planning, fill out the basics about your intended trip below and we’ll be back in touch shortly.  Knowing a little about your trip helps us partner you with a travel consultant best suited to plan your vacation.

Our pricing is flexible, depending on what kind of travel planning you need or want. Your travel consultant will go over this with you when following up.



  • Number of travelers
  • Full contact information
  • You will need the full legal names, genders, and birthdates of your travel companions.
  • Desired length of trip
  • Your travel window (dates of availability)
  • Travel budget
  • Openness to red-eye flights
  • Seat preferences
  • Whether your passport is 6 months beyond the travel dates
  • Openness to non-refundable travel
  • Will you want travel insurance for flights and/or lodging?
  • What airport you’d like to fly from
  • Where have you previously traveled?
  • What places have you loved?
  • What places did you not love so much?
  • Do you want to travel internationally?
  • Do you want an all-inclusive resort?
  • Hotel bed-size preference
  • Do you want to go to multiple destinations?
  • Is seasickness a concern?
  • Comfort with foreign/international destinations
  • Level of spontaneity
  • Interest in a rental car
  • Hotel preferences
  • Hot or cold? Urban or rural? Desert or tropical?
  • Other languages spoken
  • Is there anything else you want us to know?
  • Do you want us to give you a call or handle planning over email?
  • Where did you hear about Magical Mystery Tours?