Nadia and Marius wanted a fun and exotic trip that they could take before “settling down” and starting a family. We decided to send them to a multi-city trip to Bogota and Cartagena in Colombia! We picked this location based on their sense of adventure, love of the unconventional, and hope of going somewhere you probably wouldn’t bring kids. The trip was full of opportunities to explore the outdoors through the country’s beaches, volcano, and rainforest while there are also excellent museums and a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a bit of culture and learning. We arranged for a day trip to colonial village Villa de Leyva and suggested a coffee tasting in Bogota, while their time in the cruise port of Cartagena was spent visiting the Inquisition Palace and enjoying a mud bath heated by an ancient volcano. They were very pleased with our arrangements for them and Nadia commented, “I found the suggested itinerary that you created to be extremely useful. In fact, we carried it with us everywhere we went. I loved all the restaurant suggestions you made for us. I think they represented excellent value.”