The main service we provide here at Magical Mystery Tours is… well… mystery tours! Basically, we take all the research out of travel planning and add some surprise! You give us your desired travel dates, desired travel budget, and fill out a survey giving us as many (or as few) additional parameters as you feel comfortable with (for example: you hate places with sand, loathe camping, adore Montana, etc.)

From that information, we will tailor make a vacation for you, trying to keep in mind as many of your preferences as possible. From there, we will let you know a rough time and date you need to be at your travel hub (airport, bus station, etc.).

We email you a weather report for your destination a week before you leave.  Then, a few days before your departure you will get a packet of information via mail. Try not to open the packet though!  Ideally, you can wait until you’re at the airport and can get the maximum surprise from opening your packet there. Once you actually open the packet when at your travel hub, you will reveal details about your getaway, such as destination name, reservation information, and things to do near where you are staying.

A mystery traveler with a trip packet. (She has no idea where she’ll be going in a few days!)

In a time when most things can be examined and scrutinized through a little bit of internet research, this is an opportunity to insert some genuine surprise into your life!

Please click on the button below to fill out our Destination Questionnaire and submit it to our office. Once we receive your questionnaire, we will follow up with you regarding the next steps to send you on your mystery tour!

Interested, but have more questions?  See our FAQ.

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