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How to Budget for a Mystery Trip

I don’t know about you, but when planning a trip, I don’t necessarily have a total budget in mind at the outset. I might be debating a few different destinations and end up picking one based on whether it’s the best time to visit one location or flight/hotel options are better in one case over […]

How to Spend a Summer Weekend in Chicago

Did you know Magical Mystery Tours plans non-mystery getaways, too? If you’re considering a trip to Chicago—or another already-decided-upon destination—and want us to handle the details, contact us today! It’s the most wonderful time of the year: summer in Chicago. Last June, I had the pleasure of planning a mystery trip for a couple of […]

Mystery Traveler Q&A: Debbie, Donna, and Ryan

Donna, a previous Magical Mystery Tours customer, was in search of a perfect graduation gift for her nephew Ryan, and he knew just what he wanted: a mystery trip! The family headed to the airport, opened their envelope, and found out they were flying off to…Turks & Caicos! When we heard from them upon their return, […]


Mystery Traveler Q&A: Ulisa

For Ulisa’s first solo vacation, she decided to make the whole adventure a surprise and was both nervous and excited. When she showed up to the Raleigh airport in late May, she opened her packet to discover she was off to…Curaçao! [Editor’s note: I was delighted to get an email from Ulisa when she was […]


Mystery Traveler Q&A: Felix and Sarah

MMT: What inspired you to try a mystery trip? Felix and Sarah: I first read about Magical Mystery Tours in Oprah magazine several years ago. Since then I’ve wanted to try one; however, we do a lot of traveling to visit family (in Germany and Wisconsin), so it wasn’t feasible at the time. When we were […]

Mystery Traveler Q&A: Tony

For Memorial Day, Tony was looking for a long weekend getaway. When he showed up to the Shreveport airport on Friday morning, he opened his travel packet and learned he was headed to…San Antonio, Texas! MMT: How did you discover the option of mystery travel, and what made you decide to go for it? Tony: […]

6 Reasons to Take a Mystery Trip

To some people, the idea of handing over the reins to their vacation and just showing up at the airport without knowing where they’re headed may seem crazy. But more and more travelers are embracing the idea and mystery travel is on the rise, according to travel trend watchers in the past few years. Wondering […]


Mystery Traveler Q&A: Dave and Jaclyn

Jaclyn and Dave decided to take a mystery honeymoon after spending several months researching options and struggling to pick a destination. “The moment we decided to go for it, we were sitting eating lunch at a restaurant on a very rainy day,” they said. “We had been talking about our honeymoon for a long time, […]