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Section 1: Logistics

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Section 3: The Fun Stuff - Travel Preferences

This section will help us determine your destination, so answer carefully! Also, please remember that these are simply your preferences. We do not guarantee meeting all your requests; we just want to get a general idea of what you look for when getting away. Likewise, we'll try our best to find something that fits your needs, but not all pricing options can be found in all locations.

 Yes No I want to stay in the Continental United States, please

 Yes Doesn't Matter The same country/state is ok, but a different city would be nice

 A dream come true A nice idea A waste of money Leave no room for adventure

 King beds A couple double beds Whatever

 Staying in one place the whole time Exploring the area immediately around me Going to see as many different places as possible

 A backpack One rolling suitcase A cart to help me with all my bags

 The journey The destination

 Doesn't affect me Makes me queasy Don't know if I get it

(check all that apply)
 Relaxation Learning Exploration Cultural Events Wildlife Beaches Athletic Activities Nightlife Fine Dining Historical Sites Sporting Events Public Transportation Shopping Kid-Friendly Activities Seclusion Tours/Tour Guides Museums Adventure An Itinerary/schedule Other

 Excite Me Are Nice Make me worried about safety and cleanliness

 Have some control issues Moderate Who needs a plan?

(Example: an archeological dig, a working farm, being a lighthouse
keeper, cooking school, etc.)

 Yes No Meh, maybe

 Necessary Nice, but not crucial Not needed if public transit is nearby A silly idea

 I'm not too picky, but I definitely want my own bathroom and own door to close. (Something like EconoLodge, Ramada Inn, Best Western, or Holiday Inn Express.) I'd like a nice place to stay, one with room service and a bar, but I'm still easy to please. (Similar hotels include Courtyard by Marriott, Four Points, Doubletree, and Holiday Inn.) The hotel is important to me. Don’t need ultra-luxurious, but I still prefer a high quality bedding, bathroom size and amenities. (Similar hotels include Hyatt Regency, Westin, Hilton, Intercontinental, Marriott, and some independent, boutique hotels.) I'm all about luxury, elegant decor and the highest level of service. (Similar hotels include the Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, Four Seasons, and many independent, boutique hotels.)

(Please use the suggested hotel names as a guide to the level of quality, comfort and service, not as a guarantee or mandate that we will book that hotel.)

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